The Organisation

So, what is is an agency for a cappella groups, and was formed to help connect locally-based Singaporean a cappella groups to paid performance opportunities, and to connect Singaporeans and Singaporean companies to a cappella groups who deliver quality performances.

If you are part of an a cappella group, helps you to:-

  1. Have opportunities to perform
  2. Get paid a fair fee for performing
  3. Minimise hassle in liaising
  4. Continue a cappella singing!

Our efforts are directed towards allowing a cappella singers to remain active in performing after graduation from their respective educational institutions. At the heart of it all, we are an organisation committed to support a cappella groups as musicians and artists.

If you are looking for performing groups, helps you to:-

  1. Provides advice on the logistics requirements unique to a cappella
  2. Connect you with quality a cappella groups
  3. Help match groups of various styles to your event needs.


Er… Then, how to pronounce your name ah? What does it mean?, is pronounced “dee ah-ka or-g“.  D-ACA is an abbreviation of “the a cappella agency”. Since we were going to have an online face to it, we thought it’d be cool to integrate the site name into the organisation name, cause it sounds like “The Aca Org”, i.e. “the a cappella organisation”.

This name was chosen for its simplicity, and is an expression of our vision – we’d like to be the a cappella organisation, the aca org, that people think of when they want to hold an a cappella performance.

(Also, it’s easier to spell than “a cappella”.)


Okay. Then… how come your site like quite empty har? is relatively new, having been incorporated in January 2016. While members of the team have previously connected a few clients to groups, is still in the midst of building its operations, and extending its client base. Pang chance lah. LLP (UEN: T16LL0051F) is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in Singapore with limited liability.