SG 51 Promotion

51 for $51 Promotion

In celebration of National Day, we’re having a special promotion — buy a pair of tickets at a special price of $51! We have 3 special packages available at $51, each according to your needs:-

  1. APACCL + Closing Gala (1 person, 2 events)
  2. AKA Double – APACCL (2 persons, 1 event)
  3. AKA Double – Closing Gala (2 persons, 1 event)

If you aren’t exactly keen on any of the above packages, you still get to enjoy our tickets at a discounted cost of $28!

Our 51 for $51 promo poster! Click on the poster to access the ticketing microsite.

Guess-and-Win Contest

Now, it’s obvious that we’re pricing the pair tickets for $51 because of SG51. But why are single tickets priced at $28? Hmmm…

Know the answer? 1 lucky winner with the correct answer gets a free pair of tickets to a show of your choice, and an exclusive meeting with the music director of Pitch Perfect, Deke Sharon!

How to Join

Joining the contest is easy! Follow these steps:-

  1. Visit our Faceboook Page at
  2. Like our Page.
  3. Comment on the promo post with the reason and win!

Get your tickets at now — Only 51 sets of discounted tickets are available, so hurry! Don’t forget to like our Page! 😉