The Aca Experience

The Aca Experience – An Experiential A Cappella Workshop

Ever heard of Pitch Perfect, the movie about a cappella? Did you think it was cool, and wonder to yourself, maybe I could try that out? We’ve got a rare opportunity for you!

AKA A Cappella VIII brings you a series of workshops conducted by Deke Sharon, vocal producer and music director of the Pitch Perfect movie series and The Sing Off televised a cappella competition series. If that doesn’t ring a bell, The Sing Off is the show that first introduced cult favourite a cappella group, Pentatonix, into the mainstream.

In the course of accomplishing his personal vision, to spread harmony through harmony, Deke Sharon has had a wealth of experience working with professionals to beginners alike. So, whether you’re a singer, an instrumental musician, or someone with no music background at all, this workshop will let you try your hand at making some a cappella magic yourself!

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